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Lions and Tigers and Lorikeets

May 01, 2017

Now that spring is here, we recommend that all of our animal-loving guests spend a day exploring the Louisville Zoo, home to a vast range of exhibits featuring creatures from all seven continents. From African elephants to Australian wallaroos and South American maned wolves, something’s bound to strike your fancy here. One of our favorite exhibits at Louisville Zoo is Glacier Run. In this simulated gold-mining town on the arctic frontier, guests see first hand what it means for nature and humankind to co-exist. You’ll have the chance to connect with awe-inspiring animals like grizzly and polar bears and interact with zookeepers eager to answer all your questions about animal life and conservation. Other signature exhibits include the acclaimed Gorilla Forest, Penguin Cove, Leopard Leap, and Lorikeet Landing. Choose among several causal cafes and food kiosks to keep up your energy as you make your way from one exotic display to the next. Fun for the whole family, the Louisville Zoo is the perfect warm-weather outing to complement your trip to our great city and historic hotel.

 Address: 1100 Trevilian Way, Louisville, KY 40213