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Kentucky Shakespeare Festival in Central Park

July 27, 2016

Over the course of 11 weeks of summer, Kentucky Shakespeare brings 64 productions of seven productions to Central Park in the thick of Old Louisville’s historic preservation district. With some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, such as Romeo and Juliet, The Winter’s Tale, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona on stage Tuesday-Sunday each week at the 1,000 seat C. Douglas Ramey Amphitheatre, there will be many opportunities to bear witness to the Bard’s genius brought to life. On certain nights throughout the summer, all of three productions will run in a row in the cheekily named Bard-A-Thon.

With productions beginning at 8 PM, we recommend starting your night with dinner and drinks at The Brown Hotel’s exceptional, eclectic in-house restaurants and bars. Want to compliment your journey into the high literature of Shakespeare with fine dining? Make your way to the English Grill. More interested in the elegant and light-filled J. Graham’s Cafe? The glamorous Lobby Bar? No matter what you jonesing for, The Brown can satisfy your need. If you haven't’ done so yet, take a taste of the hotel’s signature dish, the Hot Brown, which was invented in 1926 and has been featured in cookbooks and newspapers like the New York Times.

Located just over a mile from The Brown Hotel, the amphitheatre at Central Park also offers an excellent chance to see one of the country’s largest Victorian neighborhoods. Due to the proximity of the park to the hotel, we recommend taking stroll down S 3rd or 4th Street in order to soak in the best of the Victorian architecture on offer as you make your way south. Once you’ve found the amphitheatre, grab any seat available as all seats are free. If you wish to be closer to the stage, bring along a blanket or chairs and stretch out on the lawn at the very front of the stage.

Address: C. Douglas Ramey Amphitheatre, Central Park, 1340 S 4th St Louisville, KY 40208