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All About Brandy

While Louisville is famous for it’s "Bourbon Trail" of distilleries, it’s also home to Copper and Kings American Brandy Distillery, which produces small-batch brandy, absinthe and gin. Located less than ten minutes from our Louisville hotel, Copper and Kings offers tours of the distillery, that include their spacious grounds, skydeck and wraps up with a tasting on their rooftop, where your brandy and absinthe (you get to try both) are accompanied by a magnificent view! The tasting is also accompanied by cocktail recipes and suggestions so you can mix your own delicious drinks. With a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly and apple, ginger and citrus brandies, what’s not to like? Pick up a bottle or two on the way out to sip in the comfort of your room at the Brown.

Address: 1121 East Washington Street, Louisville