Staff PIcks

The Pristine Parks of Louisville

March 06, 2018

When you hear “famous metropolitan park,” what comes to mind? Perhaps Manhattan’s Central Park or Boston’s Emerald Necklace? You might be surprised to learn that Louisville is home to more than a hundred gorgeous municipal parks, bringing you the serenity of a pristine natural setting amid the bustle and convenience of a major city. In fact, the man responsible for those green oases in New York and Boston, Frederick Law Olmsted, also designed two of our favorite Louisville parks, Cherokee Park and Iroquois Park. Nestled in the valley of Beargrass Creek, Cherokee Park features gentle slopes adorned with shaded tree groves. The 2.4-mile Scenic Loop offers motorists and pedestrians each their own dedicated lane (one-way for drivers), meaning you can enjoy a relaxed stroll or drive any day of the week. A more rugged park, Iroquois is home to a constellation of trails for hiking, horseback riding, or driving. It also features the 2,348-seat Iroquois Amphitheater, a major venue for the performing arts in Kentucky, and the famed North Overlook, affording visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of downtown Louisville.