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The Brown Hotel Named Best Hotel in Kentucky

April 01, 2017

Our staff is more than proud to announce that the editors of Southern Living magazine have firmly placed The Brown Hotel on its list The Best Hotels in Every Southern State. Tirelessly motivated to highlight the very best of this region we love, Southern Life’s nationwide circulation of readers has responded to this happy news with a chorus of praise. Named Best Hotel in Kentucky 2017, this award just goes to show that the hotel’s recent investment of $12 million in renovations is paying dividends. Firmly established as Louisville landmark since first opening its door in 1923, The Brown Hotel remains to this day an iconic landmark, recognized at once for its unique balance of stately opulence and approachable charm. A blend of timeless elegance and modern comfort, The Brown Hotel provides a level of luxury that feels right at home among Louisville’s rich heritage. Click to book an award-winning Kentucky stay of your own.