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The Actors Theatre: A Pillar of the Kentucky Arts World

September 03, 2018

When the Actors Theatre originally opened in a quaint space formerly occupied by the Egyptian Tea Room, no one could have foreseen the enormous growth the company would experience over the coming decades. Now housed in the Myers-Thompson Display building and adjacent Old Bank of Louisville building—the latter an official National Historic Landmark and a superb example of Greek Revivalism—the Actors Theatre of Louisville attracts an average of 150,000 patrons for some 400 performances each year. Not only is the company a pillar of the Kentucky arts world, it is also a nationally and internationally lauded performance ensemble, having toured 29 cities in 15 foreign countries and premiered a number of Pulitzer Prize-winning plays, including Dinner with Friends, Crimes of the Heart, and The Gin Game. To see the full schedule of performances and purchase tickets, browse the official Actors Theatre website here.