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A Valentine's for Foodie Lovers

February 04, 2019

Your love story isn’t like anyone else’s, so the way you celebrate it shouldn’t be either. This month, when it comes to Valentine’s Day cuisine, break out of the status quo and spend it your way. If you lean toward a more casual persuasion, pull up a chair at Butchertown Pizza Hall. From the ‘Merica pizza to Bad Hombre, the recipes here are tried and true—more than 40 tomato varieties were tested to find the perfect pick. If your tastes tilt more typical American fare, try the Portage House. Here you’ll find the classics—baked mac & cheese to start, BBQ pulled pork sandwich for the main show—as well as a few internationally inspired foods. For those looking for the finer-dining night out, try for a table at La Chasse (think pan-seared foie gras) or ROC (Italian cuisine along the lines of Gnocchi alla Sorrentina), both authentic European experiences. Whichever way you go, just make sure the food isn’t the only focus of this holiday of love.