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A Thousand Years of History at the Frazier Museum

February 05, 2018

Visitors to Louisville are often pleasantly surprised to discover just how many outstanding museums our city has to offer. One of our favorites, the Frazier History Museum, brings a thousand years of history to life with fun and informative exhibits and artifacts from across the country. Marvel at the American Civil War’s oldest extant monument, inspect famed Apache leader Geronimo’s bow and arrows, and find out exactly what Teddy Roosevelt meant when he quipped about carrying a “Big Stick.” As part of its mission to present historical artifacts in the context of compelling narratives, the Frazier Museum employees a team of “teaching artists,” a talented bunch of actors in period dress who are eager to make history come alive for every guest who walks through the door. What’s more, as the new departure point for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the Frazier Museum now proudly hosts The Spirits of the Bluegrass: Prohibition and Kentucky, an exhibit that explores in stunning detail the rise and fall of America’s “Noble Experiment.”


Address: 829 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202